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Don't Let the Passage of Time Ruin Your Memories!
If you have 8-mm, Super 8-mm or 16-mm film of your children, milestone events or past vacations, act now & have them transferred via High Definition [1080i or 1080p frame-by-frame process to HDD* or Blu-Ray/DVD disks.  This process does NOT utilize any analogue/VHS level systems.  It is direct to computers for frame accurate viewing; your precious memories need to be preserved & protected. All work at Hastings Video Productions is done on premises!  Archive Blu-Ray, DVD, & CD's available to maximize your film's life.
We have extensive experience & state-of-the-art equipment to create expert HDD*/Blu-Ray, or DVD disks from your films. 35mm slides are digitized to flash-drive or HDD*.  Don't wait another day to make sure your treasures are there for your children & grandchildren to enjoy!

* Hard Disk Drive [portable or standard powered] USB-3, 2-3Tb base operating drives.
Services offered:
  • Movie film by HD transfer to HDD/Blu-Ray disks or if needed DVD
  • High speed digital slide transfers 3240x2888
  • VHS & other analogue personal video to HDD* or DVDs

  • Photographs scanned to digital files [slideshow assembly available]
  • Foreign videotapes & DVD conversions to NTSF [region 0 or 1]
  • Images captured from videotapes & other media
  • Non-linear editing services [NLE]
  • Media scripting & voice over services available
  • Archive Safe Disk Media available**

** This media [CD, DVD, Blu-Ray] is a must when preserving your videos and files.  These archive disks, have scratch armor protection for general use, and longevity rating for CD's = 300 years, DVDs = 100 years, and Blu-Ray = 200 years.  They are made my Delkin Devices [registered tm] and are called Archival Gold [also registered trademark].
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Skip W. Hastings
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