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Your memories are precious!
Movie film, videotapes, CDs and DVDs tell the story of your life. Babies, children, weddings, anniversaries, grandchildren - they should all be restored or preserved for you and future generations to enjoy together!
Here Are Some Helpful Suggestions
Never store your film in a garage or anywhere with extreme temperature changes; store them in cool dry places [in home or closet in home].
Always rewind your tapes and film if you do intend to run them on your older projectors or VCR/VTRs.
I really do not recommend any effort to run your old movies through your old projector [or a rental one for that matter].  It can chew up the perforation tracks and completely ruin any hope of transferring these old films.  Remember these are your only copies and likely will die someday; no sense at all to hurry them along.
Moisture or water is death to film emulsion. Always store your film, slides or photos in a cool, dry location.  Far away from humidity and heat, DO NOT PUT THEM IN THE FREEZER OR REFRIGERATOR, THIS WILL RUIN ANY FILMS OR NEGATIVES AND PRINTS.  VERY BAD TO DO THIS.
Don't attempt to clean old film yourself. Trust it to the experts at Hastings Video Productions.  Believe it or not, someone actually tried to wash their films before they brought them to me, fortunately it was only a couple of reels and they stopped when the images started to wash away.  Sadly they are lost forever, but the rest transferred okay.
I use Edwal film cleaner, it is expensive and difficult to use, hence the cost; I literally break even on this.
If you intend to mark or write on a CD, DVD or Blu-Ray disk, always use a  marker specifically designed for labeling CD's and DVD's; these markers should clearly state on the package or on the marker itself that it is safe to use on CD/DVDs.  
Should you have marked on your disks in the past with a regular [non-CD/DVD] type Sharpie marking pen these will ruin your media.  
I strongly advise re-burning your data to new media.
If you prefer a Sharpie marker, they do make a nice marker for CD-DVD use.  I use them myself on my personal disks.
NEVER use their regular markers to write on your disks.  
These safe markers can be purchased at your local office supply store, or wherever media supplies are sold.  This type of pen is also recommend for use on archive safe disk media as well.

One other factor that can be confusing to many, is the term 'terabyte'
what it means is 1 Tb [terabyte] is 1,000 Gb [gigabytes] [literally one thousand billion.  It is large to be sure, but my studio and others today are using quite large files, a lot of space is needed to support and run the files you are getting back on the transfers.
Do you need film supplies, or have that treasured 35-mm camera that might need a tune up; or even your digital camera needs a tune up call the experts at Action Camera, (916) 786-2288 or check them out at www.actioncamera.com .  They also sell accessories and are located in Roseville at 1000 Sunrise Blvd 95661 in their new corner expanded studio retail outlet.  Great people doing great things.

Another service that offers video and digital signage services is Damon Stewart at Phone (916) 837-0530; like me he also works by appointment and I believe he offers shooting services as well.

If you have important AUDIO tapes that you want preserved, I suggest you contact Uni-Sette de Disc, (916) 646-3468 or visit them at www.unisette.com .  
Skip W. Hastings
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